Today September 20, 2013 is the last day of the promo SALE of Approval from cebu pacific. For travelers who are not yet familiar with the online booking of Cebu Pacific we will be showing you on how to book your next flight base on the current rates of the Cebu Pacific Promo Fare.

Lets pick the Manila to Bacolod Flight as an example which is included in the promo. You need to know also the travel period stated in the promo details which is Oct. 1, 2013 – Jan. 31, 2014. Assuming you are planning to travel on January 2014. Go to and follow the following.

1. Enter the date you want to travel. I entered January 2, 2014. One Way. Don’t mind the return date. The press SEARCH

2. On the next page you will see some rates both the regular fare and the promo fare. Of course we will choose the promo rate which is P399 base fare . See how differences of the promo rate to the regular rate ? That’s a lot of savings. You can also choose the time you want to travel. For this example I choose 9:35AM flight Manila to Bacolod. Click the image to enlarge.




3.  Click the box I have read and accept the fare rules…. then click continue (Click image below to enlarge)



4.  You will now see the rate with taxes and other fees. Click Continue


5.  Fill up the form. On this page you will now enter your details. Leave the section Special Assistance Required unless of course if you need assistance like for example you cannot walk or you are sick.




6. Click continue. On this page you will be ask of you want to get insurance. if you dont want uncheck the box. You will be also ask for Baggage allowance. Remember to choose only the baggage allowance you need. You dont need to do other things on this page unless if you want to give donations or adjust your baggage allowance option.


7. Click continue.  Now this is the section where you are given your seat for P130. If you want to remove the assigned seat you can do that by clicking the yellow image of cebu pacific on the seat image shown on the image below and click remove seat. You can also save P130 for removing the assigned seat. Then on the airport you will be given a new seat depending on the time you checked in. Leave the terms of use of seat selector. Click now the continue button.


8. You will brought to the page where you will see the total amount of your ticket. Click Continue



9.  You will now see the payment page. You just need to choose and follow the instructions.  If  you change your mind you can always close that window and start all over again.