This website monitors Cebu Pacific Promos and we provide specific details such as promo rates, travel period, how to book, and we also show the actual promo computations for announced promos. Feel free to visit this site on a regular basis especially when you plan to travel and enjoy huge savings from your travel expenses. We are not cebu pacific air but we are dedicated to assist our fellow travelers.

The official Cebu Pacific Air usually announce its promo fares every 3 to 4 days. It is recommended that you take note of it so that you can comeback to our website and check the latest promo fares. One way to maximize and take advantage of the promo deals is to have your travel budget ready, the travel destinations you want to visit and of course the possible travel date. With these information ready in hand its easier for you to monitor and watch upcoming promo fares. Always do remember to plan your travel ahead of time like 3 to 4 months in advance. This will give you more choices and options if to book with the current running promos. Right now we are still hoping to see a PISO Promo fare once more as cebu pac is seldom or not releasing such piso promo fare lately. However, the airline continues to give us wonderful deals every week.

The easiest way to book your cebu pacific airfare is to do it online via their official website. However,for travelers who are not that familiar with online booking they can always visit the nearest thicking office or partners. You simply look for cebu pacific logo. For those who are booking from the province your best option is to get contact number from the City so that you can send sms when you need to book. Just be careful with scammer.


Manila to Taipei

Manila to Kota Kinabalu or Taipei Flight at a affordable rate only from Cebu Pacific. The current rate if 1,299. This is for no checkin baggage (Go Lite Fare). To inquire about this promo flight please call the following numbers : 70-20-888 (Manila) / 230-88-88 (Cebu).
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